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“What a Christian should look for when going to college?”

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      It is hard to believe, but my daughters are talking about going to college, they are in high school and it will not be long before they take that big step into adulthood and college life.  So, as a parent, I have been thinking a lot about my daughters going to college as well.  Although I would like for my daughters and every Christian to go to a Christian college, I realize that this may not be possible for some, because of degree programs, finances, scholarships, and many other reasons. But even if a person goes to a Christian College there are still some things they should be thinking about as one starts living life on their own.  So, whether a person is going to a Christian College or a public College they should think about the following:

  • First, as one goes off to college, they must keep seeking God and putting Him first (Mt. 6:33).  It is often in college that one can be tempted to ignore God and follow a crowd of friends that may choose a way of life that is contrary to the will of God.  So, keep seeking God, studying the Bible, praying, and obeying Him in your everyday life.
  • Second, find a church home and be committed to that local body of Christians, not only will this help one keep their focus on the Lord, but it will have one develop friendship and a community of believers that can be a family, while one is away from their own family and church home (Heb. 11:24,25).  Plus, they may give you a home cooked meal occasionally.
  • Third, find and develop friendships with fellow Christians, this again is where the local congregation will be of great importance.  We tend to be influenced by our friends, whether good or evil.  Remember 1 Cor. 15:33, “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”
  • Fourth, go on a mission trip.  One of the greatest spiritual building events in my college years was when I went on mission trips; I went on three mission trips in college and was blessed every time.  Whether the mission trip is foreign or domestic look for an opportunity to go.  Most Christian colleges offer mission trip opportunities during spring break, and summer breaks, but there are many missionaries looking for groups to come and help them throughout the year.  Even if one does not go to a Christian College there are still many opportunities to go on a short-term mission trip.  One place to check out opportunities for short term mission trips is Disciple Trips their web page is:  These are mission trips supported and sponsored by members of the church of Christ.

This is just a short list of spiritual things that a Christian should be looking for during their college years.   The goal is to develop one's own spiritual life, and grow as a Christian, so one will go to Heaven.

Young people and parents, please be very prayerful and wise in your choice of college or university it will point you in the direction that you will live the rest of your life, please make sure that direction is helping you get to Heaven. 


Written by Mark T. Tonkery